Thursday, January 28, 2010

A collection of the past

Lately I have been having trouble having the desire to take photographs. I was not surprised when I woke to a grey dull morning topped of with a touch of crisp wind. As I busied myself around the house I contemplated venturing outside. One of my friends had offered her self up for a brisk photo shoot the day before and and as it reached noon a stream of light passed through the window slightly blinding me and giving me a glimmer of hope for a successful shoot. Its been so cloudy and cold out i have had a real problem getting motivated. Around 2pm i assembled an outfit of vintage cloths that I've collected from a few vintage clothing stores over the years and called my friend kate to start the hair an makeup process.

This outfit was compiled of a bright gold vintage clutch, a belted vintage poly blend plaid oversized shirt, leggings, wool socks, and classic black leggings and boots.

At about 4pm as the sun was about to set we headed out to an abandoned warehouse here in hagerstown. It was so cold out we tried to move very quickly so i only took about 50 shots but this is one of my favorites.

This shirt and Clutch are available on my Etsy site ButtonsnBones.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wire Working Experiment

This is my most recent addition to Etsy. Its been a slow process getting my page up and running and i have yet to make sale, but now with school over i have plenty of free time to focus my attention towards it.
I work at The Potomac Bead Company in Hagerstown MD. Working there has been wonderful, I have learn so much and continue to learn new things almost every time i work.

This is the newest piece i have created. I personally love it. It makes me feel great wearing something completely fabricated that i made.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage Stripe Button Ring

Newly listed on etsy!
My grandmothers collection of vintage buttons is finally being put to use. This is just the start tip of the ice berg of whats to come. More to come.

Love the Vintage!

This photo is so striking! i love the soft cyan edges and the high contrast.


I am inspired by the company TOPSHOP. Its like the hybrid version of Urban Outfitters. The defiantly have a vintage one of a kind feel, which a like. I could defiantly see myself as one of there photographers. they even have maternity cloths. how cute. Even prego's have to look good .

New Love

This is pretty much one of the coolest sites i have ever found as far as dressing your self ideas go. I am in love!

I found this adorable Hanes add. I think I'm going to recreate it in the near future. Love the idea though.

How To Deal

I have just graduated from College with a degree in Photography. I am feeling a little like a starving artist and the worst of it is the fact that i am feeling uninspired. This blog is and attempt to focus my vision, find myself again to examine and find those things i've come across, loved and forgotten. No more will i pass up that beautiful vintage sweater, luscious red lips on a vintage print. This is for what inspires me. Be it fashion, painting, a vintage toaster or what ever. The collections of wishes, beauty and whatever i feel like.