Friday, February 12, 2010

The Wait

This is one of my favorite shots. All of them have so much potential. This one was hot with the flash lighting up the closest plats making them look lighter and a little out of focus. The soft look of these are something that i want to continue in my work to come. As i continue to shoot i feel like i am allowing my self to shoot more like i use to. It sees as if though out my college education i was forced to focus so conceptually that i lost a little of my individuality. I felt forced to come up with concepts and create work within the confines of my idea. I have no idea what this means to me or other people. And honestly i don't think it even matters. I know that i love the balance, colors, framing and feel. Weather it is conceptional or not matters little to me. I love if for what it is not.. It is merely a fabrication, this did not happen by chance, a staged reality. I could go into a whole explanation of fabricating identity and staging a false reality but what does that really prove. The fact is that i made this happen. It was a moment that we shared. Piggy backing one of my closes friends through the snow as to not mess up here heals in a field found randomly off the side of the road, while my boyfriend watched her 6 mont hold son as we run around dressed like we mean it. Its nothing more than the urge to wear your mothers heals, dressed to the T, with your makeup all smeared. This is the way we do it, and we do it well. Tara you are absolutely stunning!

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