Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yesterday I received a random email about an artist i should look into. It turns out that i actually really love her work. Kristi Antonneau is an artist and graphic designer who's style is clean and simple. I often struggle with the fact that the last 3 years i spent fighting teacher about creating beautiful art just because i like it. To me even though its beautiful there are are other aspects such as execution, scale, material and others that all make something even though its not "contemporary" worthy of recognition. However i would argue that they way that Kristi executes her mixed media collages is more than enough to categorize her as a contemporary artist. There is no deep meaning or huge concept fabricated to make the work more than it is. Its simply good.
I personally like pretty things. Thorough out my college experience i was told that in the contemporary world of art there was no place for pretty or beautiful. Its like clipping a birds wings and telling them not to sing to take away the what is inspirational to them.
If you are inspired by something just because its beautiful then its should be that way. I have a hard time dealing with pretentious concept artist that make horrible work but can run circles around it explaining why its the shit. Its still Ugly. When it comes down to it wheather it is the most conceptual, well executed pile of dog crap on someone's face it still stinks.

Doubt climbs a young tree
Wind and rain endured before
Belief seeps in through the thirsty roots
To swell a blossoming soul
Till uncertainty clings no more
-Kristi Antonneau

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